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Our Commitment to Responsible Care®

Responsible Care®

Responsible Care® embodies an ethical commitment within the chemical industry to ensure the safety of people and the environment. It emphasizes adherence to pivotal corporate policies and principles throughout a product's lifecycle, from development to disposal.

Our Commitment

Arcanum Infrastructure, LLC relentlessly strives for operational excellence, aligning with our vision to be a leading provider of infrastructure solutions and services that assure a reliable supply to our strategic partners.  Our commitment is embodied in our mission to build, own, and safely operate sustainable assets, ensuring highly reliable security of supply to our customers in exchange for long-term product offtake agreements.

We focus intently on environmental, health, safety, and security (EHSS), always considering the welfare of our communities, employees, and the environment. In our pursuit of excellence in olefin manufacturing, we continuously strive to enhance our EHSS practices, aiming to not only meet but exceed industry best practices. By regularly reviewing and refining our procedures, we stay aligned with our goals of reliability and sector leadership. We believe in transparency, consistently sharing our performance metrics and holding ourselves accountable. Ultimately, we aim to set new standards for excellence and sustainability in infrastructure solutions.

For Arcanum, our allegiance to Responsible Care® focuses on:

  1. Process Safety: Preventing accidents through strategic procedures.

  2. Employee Well-being: Prioritizing the health and safety of our team.

  3. Community Engagement: Engaging in emergency planning and maintaining transparent communication with local entities.

  4. Product Stewardship: Ensuring safe and responsible distribution, while promoting the ethical use of our products.

  5. Risk Management: Tackling risks associated with chemical transport, storage, and disposal.

  6. Environmental Stewardship: Implementing pollution prevention and waste reduction strategies.

  7. Security: Protecting individuals, assets, products, data, and systems.

  8. Legal & Compliance: Meeting all laws, regulations, and Responsible Care® criteria.

  9. Value Chain Management: Overseeing the end-to-end process to maximize efficiency and sustainability.

In line with our mission and core values, this policy illuminates our dedication to EHSS, extending to every stakeholder:

  1. Mission Alignment: Integration of EHSS initiatives with Arcanum’s overarching mission.

  2. Continuous Improvement: Dedication to refining our EHSS performance.

  3. Transparency: Open and proactive communication with stakeholders.

  4. Guiding Principles: Alignment with the Responsible Care® Guiding Principles.

  5. Coordination & Consistency: Seamless integration of EHSS policy with other organizational directives.

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